Schedule a Tour

The well-being of our customers, residents and staff is a top priority at Hankin Apartments.  In response to COVID-19 we are practicing social distancing, but of course are still here to help you find your new home!   We welcome you for virtual, self-guided and in-person tours (no more than two individuals at once with masks/face coverings).   You will also be asked 3 questions regarding your health:  1. Have you had a fever in the past 3 days? 2. Have you come in contact with or cared for a person or persons diagnosed or under suspicion of COVID-19? 3. Are you experiencing any symptoms of the Covid-19 virus?  If all answers are no we are able to proceed.  If any answer is yes we will offer a virtual tour, but not an in-person tour. When scheduling a tour through our website, you will be connected with one of our team members who will follow up and coordinate the best tour option for you.  We look forward to meeting you virtually and/or in person.  Thank you!