Axe Throwing…What’s the Hype?

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Have you noticed your social media feeds are suddenly cluttered with your friends chucking axes in their spare time? Oh good, we aren’t alone, but what is the deal? We are accustomed to seeing the mimosa boomerangs, selfies from the bar, and the occasional sports event or concert pictures but to be quite honest the axe clad photos came as a bit of a shock. These axe throwing venues are popping up all over the place and have become popular. We must admit we were skeptical, tossing sharp blades around with friends over drinks sounds a bit dangerous to us. However, we had the opportunity to give it a try and had a BLAST! To incentivize our readers to give it a try we figured we would answer the questions that we had before we went!

Is it scary?

We aren’t going to lie, seeing the axes laying there freaked us out a little bit, but as soon as the instructors gave us the run down of what we needed to do we were at ease!

What do you wear?

Something that you can comfortably move around in and CLOSED toe shoes!

Was it hard?

It took a couple tries to start to get the hang of it, but as long as you are willing to listen to the instructors and laugh at yourself when you miss, it is not too bad at all! Remember that you are there to have fun!

Where can we go?

We visited “Bury the Hatchet” in King of Prussia and had an awesome time!


So now that you know a little more about axe throwing are you going to give it a try? Let us know in the comments and have fun!

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