Do these 5 things to brighten your mood this week!

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Does your mood need an energy boost?  We've got you covered!  Give these five ideas a try and let the good vibes roll

  1. Try a new workout! It is no secret that exercise gives you wonderful mood-boosting endorphins. So, get yourself out there and get moving! Whether it is walking a new route, finding a new workout video on youtube or trying out a new fitness class in the area, you won’t regret it!
  2. Compliment a stranger! Doesn’t it make you smile when someone goes out of their way to tell you that they love your shoes or your hairstyle? Return the favor and make someone’s day! You will find yourself smiling when you see them smile.
  3. Turn off the screens! Okay, hear me out, they don’t have to be off for the whole week. When you finish dinner one night this week, keep the screens off, grab a book, listen to a podcast, journal, just sit and relax. You will be surprised how nice it feels to let your mind wander.
  4. Declutter and donate! Take 20 minutes one day to look through all the things you have piled up at home. Is your sweater drawer overflowing? Are there too many cans in your pantry? Do you have books crammed onto your shelves? Pick out a few things you don’t need any longer and donate them! You will love having less clutter and it will feel great knowing you helped someone else in the process!
  5. Get some flowers or a plant! Brighten up your living space with a beautiful bouquet or a new potted plant. Nature has a way of making life seem less busy and stressful, bring some indoors and you will feel the benefits!

-Mackenzie H.

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